Water Clarity in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

Water clarity depth


What satellite images were used?
Illinois: July 31, 2006, path 23 / rows 31 . 35, Landsat TM images
Indiana: September 21, 2004, path 21 / rows 31- 33, ETM+ SLC off images
Ohio: August 12, 2006, path 19 / rows 31 - 33, ETM+ SLC off images

Why are some lakes missing lines of data?
The Landsat-7 ETM+ sensor used for Indiana and Ohio has a broken Scan Line Corrector that causes some lines of the image to be missing. But in most cases most of the lake pixels are available and have good data. We use Level 1G, 1Gt, 1T SLC-Off USGS processed images.

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