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Institute on the Environment (IonE)

At the Institute on the Environment (IonE), we envision a world in which sustainable agriculture feeds the world; renewable energy powers healthy homes, efficient transportation and flourishing businesses; every person has access to food, water and shelter; oceans, lakes and rivers are clean and healthy; communities have vibrant economies, neighborhoods and cultures; and thriving ecosystems support thriving economies and societies.

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MnDRIVE Advancing industry, conserving our environment

MnDRIVE Advancing industry, conserving our environment is committed to researched based solutions to help protect our natural resources and drive economic innovation. At the core of that commitment is bioremediation, which presents new opportunities for researchers to partner with industry to develop solutions for increasingly complex and costly environmental and public health challenges.

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Natural Resources Research Institute

At the Natural Resources Research Institute, we deliver integrated solutions for Minnesota’s natural resource-based economy. Minnesota’s economy has long depended on its natural resources — rocks, water and wood. Those resources are also the foundation of our environment.

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Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory

At the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center and Remote Sensing Laboratory, analysts are developing a new monitoring approach. With images captured from earth-observing satellites, they’re estimating lake and stream water clarity and mapping aquatic vegetation at city, state and regional scales.

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Water Resource Center

The University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center provides leadership in freshwater management through cutting-edge research, educational opportunities for students and professionals, and community outreach. For students, WRC provides a critical link to water-resources professionals and access to all the University’s water-related programs.

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UMN River Life Program at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS)

The University of Minnesota is a world-class comprehensive teaching and research university located in a National Park—the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area—overlooking one of the great rivers of the world. Yet the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities is a landscape that is both widely loved and highly stressed.

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Minnesota Sea Grant

The mission of the Minnesota Sea Grant is to facilitate interaction among the public and scientists to enhance communities, the environment and economies along Lake Superior and Minnesota’s inland waters by identifying information needs, fostering research, and communicating results.

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Large Lakes Observatory

The Large Lakes Observatory expands and communicates knowledge about the past, present and future of large lakes worldwide, where most of the water depended upon by human society is found. The Large Lakes Observatory is an academic and research unit within the Swenson College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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