Welcome to the Water Portal of the University of Minnesota, hosted by the University’s Water Council. Here you can explore some areas of the University’s comprehensive research in water. Interested in coming to the University of Minnesota to study water as a student? You can find degree programs at Undergraduate Admissions and the Graduate School.

  • University of Minnesota research is helping farmers manage irrigation, runoff and drainage waters to reduce pollutant loss; keeping our economy pumping and our waterways healthy. Learn more. 
  • Minnesota’s rivers flow from the Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Our research helps protect Minnesota’s 92,000 miles of rivers from habitat loss, pollution, and bank erosion. Learn more. 
  • Minnesota is home to over 17,400,000 acres of forests, which help to provide clean water for the state. Our researchers are developing new tools for forest and wetland management. Learn more. 

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