Mission Statement

The Water Council, founded by the Research & Innovation Office, serves to bring together resources from across the University of Minnesota System to address the pressing concern of access to clean water for the 21 Century.

The State of Minnesota reaps enormous benefits from its water resources, and water is a vital topic of scholarship across the University of Minnesota and its campuses. With these wide and deep strengths, cutting across traditional scholarly boundaries, there is a need to coordinate and communicate within the University and between the University and its constituents. The Water Council serves to fill those needs.

The Water Council serves to:

  • Promote and support the strategic development of water research and education. We will assess the gaps in current expertise across the University of Minnesota System and create a plan to develop water research and opportunities over the long term.
  • Add value and bring resources to the University and State around water issues. We provide integration of University research into State and Federal policy initiatives and help the public and our stakeholders in business and governmental agencies find solutions to complex problems around water.
  • Coordinate across the University’s water assets. We are committed to better integration of research across the University of Minnesota System and to the inclusion of diverse voices, perspectives, and solutions to water related problems.
  • Connect with people about water, water research, and water education. The Water Council connects stakeholders to relevant programs and individuals at the University to better serve Minnesota residents, tell the story of “water,” and communicate the ways in which it is relevant and meaningful to the people of our State.

If you would like to contact the UMN Water Council, please send us an email.